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Project Management Tips

Project Management Tips

We project manage all of our work, whether big or small projects as we value you as a customer and we strive to run your project in the most effective way. So, what does that mean for you?

Our team work with you from the very beginning, so everyone on the project has a full and clear understanding of what the project entails, and any questions you may have can be answered by anyone on the team at your property.

Get a programme

We always provide a project schedule to our clients to you have a clear understanding of what will be happening when and any delays will be communicated immediately to you. This way you are always clear what work will be happening.

Contract Provision

We always provide a contract of work along with our schedule so again everyone is clear of our activities in line with the whole job quote. (we don’t have any secret, hidden costs) Signing a contract protects you as the consumer as well as us the builder so we make sure one is in place.

Put instructions in writing

Once work starts, issues and changes can happen, which we are always happy to accommodate. We do, where possible, put these in writing so again we are clear on any added work or changes to the planned work. We are happy to do this via email or provide you with the hard copy, whatever works for you.

Maintain a regular point of contact

As we mentioned at the beginning of the blog, we always make sure our teams are fully aware of your project, in addition, we will always provide a point of contact who will be a constant person on site to help you if you have any questions. We feel this is a valuable addition to our business as we want our customers to feel as comfortable as possible while the work is carried out. Anything you want to share or if you have any concerns, our PM will be the one to discuss it with.

We hope you found our blog of interest, customer service and customer satisfaction are huge things for us and we know we do this well as our testimonials show. Take a look online for this at‚Äč

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