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Looking for more living space?

There are more ways than one to expand your living space.

Looking for more living space?

One of the questions we are often asked, is “How can we get more living space in our house?”

With families expanding and many modern properties struggle to accommodate the multiple activities modern families undertake.

Property prices in the main are growing and the creation of some additional living space in your current home can be a great way to increase the value of your home and spend a lot less than moving to a whole new property.

We have outlined the most common options to can have to extend your living space.


  • Single story extension

These spaces can be light and flexible, coming off living rooms, kitchens, or garages. They often the most cost-effective way of creating more living space. Often these extensions are within the permitted development rights and may not require planning permission. But it is always worth checking with a professional planning consultant or your Local Authority to be sure. Conversely, a large single storey extensions can often work out more cost effective as small one as a straightforward build onto an existing room can be quite simple, rather than removal of existing doors, windows and walls to fit around the external shape of a house. One should consider for budgeting purposes to send about 50% on the build and 50% on the interiors as a guide.


  • Two-storey extensions

These extensions can be more complex and we would advise you to get an architect involved in planning and costing to be accurately done before the projects start. All of these extensions will be subject to planning permission, but again a professional planning consultant can assist to help your application move smoothly through the LA process. Often a second story extension will create an additional room upstairs commonly an additional bathroom or bedroom as well as living space downstairs. Two-storey extensions can though remove the light from your existing living space so always check this out with an architect before you begin.


  • Loft Conversions

These are great ways to increase space within your home, specifically if you want to have the separate space for a home office or bedroom suite. In urban settings, these as well as cellar conversions are becoming very popular as garden space and additional land adjacent to your property becomes less available. We would always recommend a chat with the architect and perhaps even with your local estate agent about the proposed loft conversion and establish your on-sell value, as sometimes an overdeveloped plot can be detrimental for your potential selling value in the future.



  • Orangeries/Conservatories

These can potentially be the lowest cost option to create an additional living space in your house. The structures are often pre-built and follow set space and size which provides a bolt-on solution to your home. We would always recommend considering the insulation of these areas to make them as user-friendly as possible both in cold and hot weather. But for many properties this is a great way to add an additional room to your home.

We hope you found our outline of interest, we are always available to speak to you about your options and visit your home to have considered the best way to use your budget and available space. Call us on or email us at

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