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Code of Practice

Code of Practice

Before Work Begins

We will ensure we are competent to carry out the project. This may at times involve the support of an architect, chartered surveyor or other specialist professionals. We will never quote on a project for which we have insufficient time or are otherwise unsuited to undertake. We will have sufficient public liability and employer’s liability insurance cover for the contract.

We will fulfil all financial dealings and contractual obligations with you the client with the utmost integrity and duty of care. We will give a detailed description of the works to be undertaken and quotation or estimated price.

Use of a contract

We recommend the use of a Crystal Mark approved FMB Plain English Contract.

The contract will state the following:

  • The estimated or quoted price for the job
  • What is included in the price
  • Notional commencement and completion dates
  • Whether the Local Authority Building Control needs to be notified and if so who will contact them. Who will arrange permission for the work to start i.e. planning permission or building regulation notice or other local authority consents
  • Whether the work is covered by an insurance backed warranty, such as the NRWB or NHBC warranties
  • Payment terms – request for an agreed deposit, if required, and the dates and amounts of staged payments thereafter. If a deposit is taken, we will provide the client with a deposit protection policy

Alternatively, we may quote day work rates and provide a copy of our companies’ standard terms and conditions.

Work in Progress

When work is in progress we will expect to:

  • Proceed with the work with due diligence according to the agreement between CW and you the client and will brief you the client regularly on progress
  • If they are required, we will give the appropriate notices to the Building Control Authority, unless the contract specifies otherwise
  • Develop a good working relationship with the client or their appointed representative. If the client has any concerns about the work, discuss the concerns as soon as practically possible
  • Inform the client of any unforeseen problems or delays as early as possible
  • Supply the client with samples of materials and fittings for prior approval as may be required
  • Confirm verbally in writing and changes to the work specified or extra costs and agree with the client before such work begins
  • Ensure our employees and/or subcontractors will at all times treat the client and their property with upmost respect and ensure that the working site remains a safe, clean and healthy environment at all times
  • Take responsibility for any subcontractors that we engage, and for their work

Completed Work

When the work is complete we will expect to:

  • Leave the site clean, tidy and ready for use. Any waste will have been properly disposed of.
  • Give and relevant instructions, guarantees and work completion certificates to the client as well as briefing the client about any relevant maintenance or operating issues.
  • Agree a return date with the client to complete and defects or “snagging” which may have risen during an agreed period within the contract.


If we have a disagreement with the client, we expect to:

  • Try to resolve the disagreement by discussion and by reference to the agreement of contract
  • Agree to follow the FMB Dispute Resolution Procedure in the event that a satisfactory solution cannot be found

Acting as an Agent

If we are acting as an Agent, we will enter into a proper agreement/contract for the design and build of the whole work with the customer or, act on an agreed fee only basis for the Agents administration work and not become involved with the appointment of another builder/contractor for the work, unless the appointed builder/contractor is a member of the FMB.


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