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Choosing windows for your house

Here are 5 tips you need to consider when choosing windows for your home

Choosing windows for your house

At Charleswood Property, we always like to share top tips.

Here are some thoughts on what to consider when choosing new windows for your property.


  • Make them easy to maintain

Whether you choose to pick wooden or PVC windows for your property you want to consider how you will maintain them. Wooden windows may be in keeping with your building, but you have to consider the preparation and aftercare work to keep them looking good year after year. Though PVC windows are less demanding they still need to be cleaned and checked on a regular basis to allow them to function to high standards.


  • Design your windows for your practical use

Consider each of your rooms and establish how the window will be used in each. Would you consider large picture windows that don’t open, to bring in natural light or do all windows need to be fitted with safety catches in children's rooms? Before you commit to changing windows have a think to see if the functionality of each of your windows could be improved or altered.


  • Think about colour

There are lots of colour finishes available in PVC windows today which can create an attractive setting for your property. You will have to have though consideration for your brickwork or rendered finish and that each complements one another.  Often on older properties, a painted window frame can look very appealing and though contemporary in style can allow the property to retain its heritage look.


·         What style of house do you have?

While choosing or designing the windows for your place, do take into consideration the architectural style your home follows.  Older properties do not work that well with PVC windows and certainly, if you live in a conservation area it is worth getting professional advice as to what you are allowed. The windows can make a huge difference to how your property can be viewed externally and should always be in keeping with the overall house style.


  • Make sure ventilation isn’t compromised

Though we want our windows to be draft free and secure, make sure you are allowing some degree of ventilation to come into the house. All new windows usually have this feature to allow the homeowner to make the decision on ventilation. When planning your windows consider specific rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens to have suitable ventilation slots in place.


We are happy to talk through our experience on window choices and fitting as part of build project with you to make sure you make informed decisions about your windows.


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