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Updating an existing conservatory with a solid roof

Updating an existing conservatory with a solid roof

Have you got a cold conservatory but don’t want to lose the actual room? Maybe you could consider adding a sold roof to enable continued functionality of the space? 

Technically the adding of a solid roof is classed as material work which means it needs to be covered by building regulations and will more than likely need planning application approval. 

Have a chat with a planning consultant or your local planning officer to find out what you need to have in place for this kind of work. Or please feel free to ask us!


Things to consider before you start:

Consider updating your pillars holding the windows with I shaped profiles to allow support of a roof.


Consider using timber rafters, to support the existing pillars, this is a potentially risky process as timber can be prone to twist and warp as the temperature changes. And the addition of lintels and posts maybe be needed to support the roof.


There are a number of lightweight solid roofs now on the market that can provide a lightweight alternative, it also allows the roof to be kept warm without a cold void a normal roof would create.


Though often classed a lightweight there will possible still need some steel reinforcing to hold the roof in place.


Or maybe consider, completely revamping the space and put in custom built or fit for purpose structure which will allow any roof structure to be fitted to create your glass-sided room in your home.


If you have a project like this in mind, but don’t want to get caught out by the huge range of options, why don’t you make an appointment with us and we can talk you through the options and the cost implications for all of them. We are always open to advise.


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